Flourish PHP Unframework


fUnexpectedException is a sub-class of fException meant to provide a common parent class for all exceptions that should not be expected or handled in the site/application code.

Special Functionality

All classes that extend fUnexpectedException change the functionality of the printMessage() method. Instead of printing the exception message, a generic error message is printed. These classes are designed to be handled by the fCore::enableExceptionHandling() method, which intercepts all uncaught exceptions and delivers the backtrace via one of three methods (see the fCore class for details).

Child Classes

Below is a list of all child classes that extend fUnexpectedException. These classes are not documented using a Throws: entry in the API documentation since they should not be handled via normal site/application code.

Class Description
fConnectivityException This type of exception indicates some sort of connection error occured, whether it be with a database server, remote API, etc.
fEnvironmentException This type of exception indicates something is wrong with the server environment that is preventing proper execution of code.
fProgrammerException This type of exception indicates that the programming building the site/application wrote invalid code, or somehow otherwise violated an expected format or sequence.
fSQLException This type of exception indicates an error was returned when executing an SQL query. This will not be thrown in the situation where a query returns no results, but rather when SQL syntax is incorrect.