Flourish PHP Unframework


The fLoader class is designed to load Flourish class. By default it detects the optimal type of loading to perform based on the server environment. In addition to loading classes, it creates constructor functions for the various Flourish value object classes.

Standard Usage

Loading Flourish should normally be performed by calling the static method best().

include './path/to/fLoader.php';

If an opcode cache (e.g. APC, XCache, etc) is detected, all class file are immediately included. If an opcode cache is not detected, an autoload function is registered via spl_autoload_register().

If you need explicit control over what type of loading is performed, you should call one of the static methods eager() or lazy() instead.

Constructor Functions

Constructor functions is a term used to refer to functions that simply call the constructor of a class. The functions have the same name as the class, which effectively means that the new keyword is not required, and that method calls may be changed off of the constructor.

// Without constructor functions
$date = new fDate();
$date = $date->modify('Y-m-01');

// With constructor functions
$date = fDate()->modify('Y-m-01');

fLoader automatically creates constructor functions for all value object classes:

Detecting Opcode Caches

The static method hasOpcodeCache() can be used to create intelligent loading functionality for other code.

include './other/project/Loader.php';
if (fLoader::hasOpcodeCache()) {
} else {