Flourish PHP Unframework


fExpectedException is a sub-class of fException meant to provide a common parent class for all exceptions that should be expected and handled in the site/application code. There are no special features or functionality for this class.

Child Classes

Below is a list of all child classes that extend fExpectedException. If any of these classes are tossed by a Flourish method, there will be a Throws: entry in the methods API documentation. Note that exceptions that extend fUnexpectedException are not documented in the same way.

Class Description
fEmptySetException This type of exception indicates an fRecordSet is empty, and will only be thrown when requested via tossIfEmpty().
fNoRemainingException This type of exception indicates that a element was requested even though an iterator has iterated over all existing elements.
fNoRowsException This type of exception is for use when no rows are returned by a SQL query.
fNotFoundException This type of exception indicates that something could not be found and should include the item type in the message.
fValidationException This type of exception indicates there was an error when checking data input. The message will indicate what could not be validated.