Flourish PHP Unframework

Server Requirements

Whenever possible Flourish is coded to support any server with at least the default extensions and PHP 5.1.0 or greater. Here is a list of the default extensions used throughout the code:

It is possible to disable these extensions when compiling PHP, so you will need to ensure each is installed. The simplest way is to look at the output of a script with the following contents:


Class Specific Requirements

Beyond the Flourish-wide requirements there are a few non-default security- related extensions that are required for specific features. Below is a list of classes/methods and what they require.

Classes/Methods Extensions Required
fCrytogpraphy::publicKeyEncrypt(), fCryptography::publicKeyDecrypt() openssl
fCrytograpphy::publicKeySign(), fCryptography::publicKeyVerify() openssl
fCryptography::symmetricKeyEncrypt(), fCryptography::symmetricKeyDecrypt() mcrypt
fEmail::sign(), fEmail::encrypt() openssl
fSMTP::__construct() with the $secure flag openssl

Extensions for Performance

A few of the Flourish classes provide pure PHP implementations of functionality that is also available from extensions that are not installed by default. Below is a list of the classes and the extension that will provide better performance.

Class Extension
fJSON json (included in 5.2 by default)
fNumber/fMoney bcmath
fUTF8 mbstring