Flourish PHP Unframework

Internationalization and Localization

When creating code for audiences in more than one language, it is necessary to write it with internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) in mind.

A locale is a combination of a language and standards for formatting of numbers, date, currencies and more. Normally an locale is identified by a combination of a country and language code. Different languages require different sort ordering (or collation) for words and numbers often have different thousands and decimal separators. Other differences include date formatting and the words used for days and months.

Internationalization is the act of writing code than can be customized to work in multiple locales. Localization is the act of customizing code to work in a specific locale. Flourish is written with internationalization in mind, however there is no localization done, that is left for the teams working on individual projects.

Internationalized Classes

The following classes in Flourish are in some way internationalized, thus capable of being localized.

Please note that every class in Flourish that creates messages hooks into fText (once loaded) and thus all messages can be translated through the features available in fText. The message list page includes a list of every message created by a Flourish class, along with the location in the source code.