Flourish PHP Unframework

Internal Backwards Compatibility Breaks

See also non-internal backwards compatibility breaks

Public methods flagged with the PHPDoc tag @internal and all protected methods and attributes are considered internal to Flourish and are subject to change even in minor revisions or during the beta. Below is a list of changes that affect internal code.

Normally this list will only be applicable if you write ORM plugins or mess around with the ORM internals.

Revision 881

Changed fORM::parseMethod() to not underscorize the subject of the method.

Revision 867

Changed the structure of the array returned from fSQLTranslation::translate() to include a number plus : before the original SQL in the array keys.

Revision 720



Added the $schema parameter to the beginning of:

Added the $class parameter to the beginning of fORMRelated::storeManyToMany()

Revision 659

fORMRelated::createRecord() now has an extra parameter in the middle, $related_records. fORMRelated::storeOneToMany() was renamed to fORMRelated::storeOneToStar().

Revision 639

Changed fActiveRecord::hash() from a protected method to a static public/internal method that requires the class name for non-fActiveRecord values

Revision 616

The method signatures for fORMRelated::validate() and fORMValidation::validateRelated() changed

Revision 603

The following methods no longer accept an object instance, just a class name:

Revision 593

Renamed fORMRelated::setRecords() to fORMRelated::setRecordSet() and fORMRelated::tallyRecords() to fORMRelated::setCount()