Flourish PHP Unframework

How Do I?

This page is meant to be sort of a compass to new users of Flourish to help them figure out where to look for solutions to their problems.

Task at Hand Where to Look
Handle exceptions and errors gracefully fCore
Ensure content is properly encoded (HTML entities) fHTML
Handle UTF-8 content fUTF8
Perform simple form validation (contact forms, etc) fValidation
Simple (non-ORM) interaction with a database fDatabase, fResult, fUnbufferedResult
Retrieve the structure of the database I am connected to fSchema
Interact with the database simply by using object-relational mapping (ORM) fActiveRecord, fRecordSet
Get and sanitize information from the users request, including GET, POST, PUT and DELETE data fRequest
Pass transient messages around without polluting URLs fMessaging
Store and retrieve session information fSession
Handle user permissions and access control fAuthorization
Ensure that data is stored securely (passwords, confidential information, etc) fCryptography
Handle dates and times, including timezones fDate, fTime, fTimestamp
Manipulate images fImage
Manipulate and query files and directories fFile, fDirectory
Handle file uploads fUpload
Use templating to reduce code duplication and keep logic and presentation separate fTemplating
Conditionally build English language constructs and convert between syntax notations fGrammar
Handle translation or modification of messages fText
Send emails and validate email addresses fEmail
Encode and decode JSON data fJSON
Deal with precise numbers and calculations fNumber
Represent, manipulate and translate monetary values fMoney
Handle sticky search values and sortable columns for list pages fCRUD
Get and set cookies, including HTTPOnly cookies and default values fCookie
Encode content for XML files fXML

Topic Pages

The following pages include some more in-depth information about topics, including links to the relevant Flourish classes.