Flourish PHP Unframework

Backwards Compatibility Breaks

On this page you will find a list of all breaks in backwards compatibility. Once Flourish becomes stable this will only happen with major version releases. During the alpha phase they are bound to happen on a regular basis, whereas during beta they should be rare.

If you work with any protected methods or @internal public methods, be sure to check out the internal backwards compatiblity breaks page.

Beta Phase

Revision 1035

fTemplating::create() was removed and a new method fTemplating::attach() was created to provide similar functionality.

Revision 1031

fCore::detectOpcodeCache() was renamed to fLoader::hasOpcodeCache()

Revision 1026

fFile::output() now automatically closes any open output buffering and discards the contents.

Revision 1011

The email subject of error/exception emails sent by fCore has changed.

Revision 1010

fRecordSet::sort() and fRecordSet::sortByCallback() now return a new record set instead of sorting the record set in place - this helps prevent side effects.

Revision 990

fActiveRecord::reflect() now returns an associative array instead of a string.

Revision 984

fSchema::getTables(), fSchema::getColumnInfo(), fSchema::getDatabases(), fSchema::getKeys() and fSchema::getRelationships() now return database, schema, table and column names in lowercase. This may change the behavior of, or break ORM classes for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL databases containing mixed-case identifiers, although such mixed-cased identifiers have never been officially supported. Please test ORM functionality when upgrading to this revision.

Callbacks registered to the extracted hook via fDatabase::registerHookCallback() no longer receive the $strings parameter, instead all strings are added into the $values parameter.

Revision 973

Updated fCore::expose() to not wrap the value in an HTML tag when PHP is being run via the CLI.

Revision 969

fRequest::getBestAcceptType() and fRequest::getBestAcceptLanguage() now return either NULL, FALSE or a string instead of NULL or a string. See documentation for details of return values.

Revision 945

The $contents parameter of fEmail::addAttachment() is now first instead of third.

Revision 944

fORMFile::configureImageUploadColumn() no longer accepts the optional $image_type as the fourth parameter, instead fORMFile::addFImageMethodCall() must be called with saveChanges as the $method and the image type as the first parameter.

Revision 943

fRequest::get() now strips out low bytes characters if no $cast_to, or if a string or array $cast_to is specified. Using the new binary $cast_to will leave all bytes intact.

Revision 942

fActiveRecord column set methods now treat strings of all whitespace the same as empty strings and convert them to NULL.

Revision 934

Changed the parameter order in fImage::crop() from $crop_from_x, $crop_from_y, $new_width, $new_height to $new_width, $new_height, $crop_from_x, $crop_from_y.

Revision 917

Changed the array structure for child record in validation messages. Instead of all main record and child record messages being in a single array with keys in the form of child_table[0]::column, there is now a child_table[0] key that points to an array containing a name key and an errors key. The value for name is the name of the child record, e.g. Child Record #1. The value for errors is an array of validation messages with the keys being the column names and the values being the validation messages. Thus:

    'first_name' => 'First Name: Please enter a value',
    'user_permissions[0]::resource' => 'Resource: Please enter a value'

would now be represented as:

    'first_name' => 'First Name: Please enter a value',
    'user_permissions[0]' => array(
        'name' => 'User Permission #1',
        'errors' => array(
            'resource' => 'Resource: Please enter a value'

Methods registered to the pre::validate() and post::validate() hooks will need to handle this new array structure. Code that calls ->validate(TRUE) on an fActiveRecord object will need to handle this new array structure. fORMValidation::addStringReplacement(), fORMValidation::addRegexReplacement() and fORMValidation::setMessageOrder() will now only affect the specified class specified and will not affect messages from child records.

Revision 915

Restructured individual record access, the iterator interface and callback parameters for fRecordSet.

Removed the method fRecordSet::fetchRecord() - functionality can be replicated via the new method fRecordSet::getRecord().

Manual iteration via fRecordSet::current(), fRecordSet::key(), fRecordSet::next(), fRecordSet::rewind() and fRecordSet::valid() (the Iterator interface) was removed and should be replaced by retrieving an ArrayIterator from the new method fRecordSet::getIterator(). Manual iteration can be performed on the ArrayIterator object.

The $pointer parameter was replaced with $method_name for callbacks registered via fORM::registerRecordSetMethod().

Revision 911

Changed fTemplating::delete() to return the value(s) of the element(s) deleted instead of the fTemplating instance.

Revision 904

fSession::add(), fSession::delete(), fSession::get(), fSession::set(), fTemplating::add(), fTemplating::delete(), fTemplating::get() and fTemplating::set() all now interpret [ and ] as array syntax and thus these can not be used in key or element names.

fTemplating::remove() was renamed to fTemplating::filter().

Revision 885

Removed fDatabase::enableSlowQueryWarnings(), added ability to replicate via fDatabase::registerHookCallback().

Revision 879

Removed support for the odbc and pdo_odbc extensions from fDatabase, fResult, fStatement and fUnbufferedResult. With this change, Flourish no longer supports any kind of ODBC connections.

Revision 854

fActiveRecord::populate{RelatedRecords}() changed from requiring the database table name as the input prefix to the underscore_notation version of the class name. This will only affect related records where the class was mapped using fORM::mapClassToTable().

Revision 840

Renamed fUpload::setMaxFilesize() to fUpload::setMaxSize() to be consistent with fFile::getSize().

Revision 839

fUpload no longer accepts uploaded files that start with a . unless fUpload::allowDotFiles() is called.

Revision 833

fActiveRecord::validate() now uses column names as array keys if messages are returned, the $validation_messages parameter for the pre::validate() and post::validate() hooks now requires array keys be column names and fValidation::validate() now uses field names as array keys if messages are returned.

fUpload::validate() no longer returns a $_FILES array.

fValidation::addRequiredFields() no longer accepts one-or-more rules, instead use fValidation::addOneOrMoreRule(). fValidation::addRequiredFields() no longer accepts conditional rules, instead use fValidation::addConditionalRule().

Revision 760

fDirectory::scan() and fDirectory::scanRecursive() to strip the current directory's path before matching the $filter

Revision 736

Renamed fFile::getFilename() to fFile::getName(), fFile::getFilesize() to fFile::getSize(), fFile::getDirectory() to fFile::getParent() and fDirectory::getFilesize() to fDirectory::getSize()

Revision 735

Added the $force_cascade parameter to fActiveRecord::delete() and fActiveRecord::store(). This change require any classes that override those methods be updated to include at least one parameter.

Revision 726

fORM::addCustomClassTableMapping() was renamed to fORM::mapClassToTable()

Revision 721

Removed the $prefix parameter from the methods fSession::delete(), fSession::get() and fSession::set()

Revision 720

Removed support for date function translation in fDatabase/fSQLTranslation

Revision 700

Renamed fRecordSet::buildFromRecords() to fRecordSet::buildFromArray()

Revision 659

Before this revision one-to-one relationships were not properly detected, so some one-to-many functionality such as fActiveRecord::populate{RelatedRecords}(), fActiveRecord::build{RelatedRecords}() and fActiveRecord::associate{RelatedRecords}() was working on these one-to-one relationships when it should not have.

one-to-one relationships support fActiveRecord::create{RelatedRecord}(), fActiveRecord::populate{RelatedRecord}() and fActiveRecord::associate{RelatedRecord}() instead.

Revision 651

Renamed fORMValidation::addConditionalValidationRule() to fORMValidation::addConditionalRule(), fORMValidation::addManyToManyValidationRule() to fORMValidation::addManyToManyRule(), fORMValidation::addOneOrMoreValidationRule() to fORMValidation::addOneOrMoreRule(), fORMValidation::addOneToManyValidationRule() to fORMValidation::addOneToManyRule(), fORMValidation::addOnlyOneValidationRule() to fORMValidation::addOnlyOneRule(), fORMValidation::addValidValuesValidationRule() to fORMValidation::addValidValuesRule()

Revision 591

Removed fRecordSet::flagAssociate() and fRecordSet::isFlaggedForAssociation(), the $associate parameter is no longer passed to callbacks registered via fORM::registerRecordSetMethod()

Revision 567

The first parameter of fSession::clear() was removed, fSession::delete() should now be used instead

Revision 566

Moved fCRUD::printOption() to fHTML::printOption(), fCRUD::showChecked() to fHTML::showChecked(), fCRUD::removeListItems() and fCRUD::reorderListItems() to fException::splitMessage(), fCRUD::generateRequestToken() to fRequest::generateCSRFToken(), and fCRUD::validateRequestToken() to fRequest::validateCSRFToken()

Revision 562

Removed fORMSchema::enableSmartCaching(), fORM::enableSchemaCaching() now provides equivalent functionality. fSchema::setCacheFile() changed to fSchema::enableCaching() and now requires an fCache object. fSchema::flushInfo() was renamed to fSchema::clearCache().

Revision 525

Changed the second parameter of fFile::output() from $ignore_output_buffer to $filename

Revision 524

Removed fDate::getSecondsDifference(), fTime::getSecondsDifference(), fTimestamp::getSecondsDifference() and fTimestamp::getSeconds()

Revision 514

fCore::getOS() and fCore::getPHPVersion() were removed and replaced with fCore::checkOS() and fCore::checkVersion()

Revision 499

Renamed fORM::addCustomTableClassMapping() to fORM::addCustomClassTableMapping() and swapped the parameters

Revision 498

Changed fCryptography::symmetricKeyEncrypt() to not encrypt the IV since we are using HMAC on it

Alpha Phase

Most users will not have code from the Flourish alpha

Revision 403

fCore::stringlike() was removed

Revision 402

fCore::trigger() was removed

Revision 399

!fPrintableException was renamed to fException

Revision 388

fCore::toss() was removed and all exceptions are now normally thrown with throw new ExceptionName(). fCore::registerTossCallback() was renamed to fPrintableException::registerCallback(), fGrammar::compose() was renamed to fText::compose() and fGrammar::registerComposeCallback() was renamed to fText::registerComposeCallback().

Revision 374

fActiveRecord hooks and method calls now have a &$cache parameter after the &$related_records parameter, but before any other parameters. Any method registered to a hook will need to have the method signature updated.

Revision 364

Swapped the order of the last two parameters of fORMRelated::setOrderBys() so that $route (which is really just NULL most of the time) was last and optional

Revision 361

Changed the existing file upload field name from __flourish_existing_column_name to existing-column_name and changed the delete file upload field name from __flourish_delete_column_name to delete-column_name

Revision 348

fNoResultsException was renamed to fNoRowsException, fResult::tossIfNoResults() was renamed to fRequest::tossIfNoRows(), fUnbufferedResult::tossIfNoResults() was renamed to fUnbufferedResult::tossIfNoRows(), fResult::getAffectedRows() was renamed to fResult::countAffectedRows() and fResult::getReturnedRows() was renamed to fRequest::countReturnedRows()

Revision 332

fActiveRecord::has() was renamed to fActiveRecord::hasOld() and fActiveRecord::retrieve() was renamed to fActiveRecord::retrieveOld()

Revision 331

replace:: hooks are no longer allowed in fORM::registerHookCallback(), instead use fORM::registerActiveRecordMethod(). fRecordSet::registerMethodCallback() has been renamed to fORM::registerRecordSetMethod().

Revision 308

Renamed fORMDatabase::getInstance() to fORMDatabase::retrieve() and renamed fORMSchema::getInstance() to fORMSchema::retrieve()

Revision 305

fUTF8::detect() went from being public to private

Revision 304

fResult::getPointer() was removed, same functionality is available from fResult::key()

Revision 303

fResult::areRemainingRows() was removed, same functionality is available from fResult::valid()

Revision 300

fUpload::upload() was renamed to fUpload::move()

Revision 298

Changed fUpload from a static class to an instance class

Revision 294

Removed fPrintableException::prepareMessage()

Revision 293

Removed fTimestamp::combine()

Revision 289

Changed the replacement token in fRequest::overrideAction() from %%action%% to %action%

Revision 282

Changed the separator between the table name and column name for related form inputs from . back to :: because PHP converts . to _ - this reverts changes in r264

Revision 278

fRecordSet::build{RelatedRecords}() was renamed to fRecordSet::prebuild{RelatedRecords}() and fRecordSet::count{RelatedRecords}() was renamed to fRecordSet::precount{RelatedRecords}()

Revision 277

Removed fRecordSet::countWithoutLimit() and added the $ignore_limit parameter to fRecordSet::count()

Revision 264

Changed the separator between the table name and column name for related form inputs from :: to . - users::user_id[] will now be users.user_id[]

Revision 263

Removed fRecordSet::buildFromPrimaryKeys(), changed fORMRelated::associateRecords() to only accept an fRecordSet instead of an fRecordSet or an array of primary keys

Revision 259

Renamed fORM::createActiveRecordClass() to fORM::defineActiveRecordClass()

Revision 258

Renamed fFilesystem::createUniqueName() to fFilesystem::makeUniqueName()

Revision 257

Renamed fTimestamp::createFormat() to fTimestamp::defineFormat()

Revision 253

Removed fORMDatabase::escapeByType(), added support for shorthand table.column names to fORMDatabase::escapeBySchema() to provide replacement functionality

Revision 251

The fourth parameter of fRecordSet::build() is now the page number instead of the offset. The page number is subtracted by one and multiplied by the limit to get the correct offset.

Revision 250

Removed fGrammar::registerHumanizeCallback()

Revision 249

fGrammar::replaceHumanize() was renamed to fGrammar::registerHumanizeCallback(), fGrammar::replaceJoinArray() was renamed to fGrammar::registerJoinArrayCallback(). fGrammar::addAllCapitalsWord() was removed and fGrammar::addHumanizeRule() was added with similar functionality.

Revision 239

fDate::setDate(), fDate::setISODate(), fTime::setTime(), fTimestamp::setDate(), fTimestamp::setISODate(), fTimestamp::setTime(), fTimestamp::setTimezone(), fTimestamp::getTimezone() were removed. The fDate, fTime and fTimestamp classes all became value objects (immutable) and fDate::adjust(), fTime::adjust() and fTimestamp::adjust() all now return new objects. Each class also gained a method called modify() which returns a new object based on the current object, replacing the various set methods.

Revision 229

Changed fCRUD::removeListItems() so its parameters were consistent with fCRUD::reorderListItems()

Revision 225

fXML::prepare() was renamed to fXML::encode()

Revision 223

fRecordSet::flagForAssociation() was renamed to fRecordSet::flagAssociate()

Revision 222

fRecordSet::registerCallback() was renamed to fRecordSet::registerMethodCallback()

Revision 221

fORM::getClassName() was renamed to fORM::getClass() and fRecordSet::getClassName() was renamed to fRecordSet::getClass()

Revision 218

fHTML::checkForBlockLevelHTML() was renamed to fHTML::containsBlockLevelHTML() and fHTML::createLinks() was renamed to fHTML::makeLinks()

Revision 217

fCryptography::generateRandomString() was renamed to fCryptography::randomString()

Revision 216

fCRUD::createSortableColumn() was renamed to fCRUD::printSortableColumn()

Revision 215

Removed fFinancialTransaction and fShippingRates. Both were unlike the rest of Flourish in that they were tied to the APIs of other services and neither was very comprehensive in terms of the number of services supported.

Revision 206

Removed fORMDatabase::initialize(), you must now construct an fDatabase instance and pass it to fORMDatabase::attach()

Revision 205

fORMDatabase::prepareBySchema() was renamed to fORMDatabase::escapeBySchema() and fORMDatabase::prepareByType() was renamed to fORMDatabase::escapeByType()

Revision 204

fDatabase::escape() replaces fDatabase::escapeBlob(), fDatabase::escapeBoolean(), fDatabase::escapeDate(), fDatabase::escapeFloat(), fDatabase::escapeInteger(), fDatabase::escapeString(), fDatabase::escapeTime() and fDatabase::escapeTimestamp(). fDatabase::unescape() replaces fDatabase::unescapeBlob(), fDatabase::unescapeBoolean(), fDatabase::unescapeDate(), fDatabase::unescapeFloat(), fDatabase::unescapeInteger(), fDatabase::unescapeString(), fDatabase::unescapeTime() and fDatabase::unescapeTimestamp().

Revision 202

The second and third parameters of fMessaging::create() were swapped to be consistent with the other fMessaging methods

Revision 201

fORMColumn::configureDateCreatedColumn() was moved to fORMDate::configureDateCreatedColumn() and fORMColumn::configureDateUpdatedColumn() was moved to fORMDate::configureDateUpdatedColumn()

Revision 195

fORMColumn::configureMoneyColumn() was moved to fORMMoney::configureMoneyColumn()

Revision 184

fMoney::multiply() renamed to fMoney::mul() and fMoney::subtract() renamed to fMoney::sub() to be consistent with fNumber

Revision 174

fORMRelated::constructRecord() renamed to fORMRelated::createRecord(), fORMRelated::constructRecordSet() renamed to fORMRelated::buildRecords()

Revision 173

Renamed fRecordSet::create() to fRecordSet::build(), removed fRecordSet::createEmpty(), renamed fRecordSet::createFromObjects() to fRecordSet::buildFromRecords() and added a new first parameter, renamed fRecordSet::createFromPrimaryKeys() to fRecordSet::buildFromPrimaryKeys(), renamed fRecordSet::createFromSQL() to fRecordSet::buildFromSQL().

Revision 166

fValidation no longer has the methods fValidation::setEmailFields(), fValidation::setEmailHeaderFields() or fValidation::setRequiredFields(). The various fValidation::add*() methods should be used instead.

Revision 144

The method fImage::getInfo() went from being public to protected.

Revision 127

fRecordSet::preload{RelatedRecords}() became fRecordSet::build{RelatedRecords}().

Revision 125

The $debug parameter was removed from all calls to fActiveRecord hook callbacks.

Revision 84

Removed fRecordSet::preload{RelatedRecords}().

Revision 81

fInflection was renamed to fGrammar.

Revision 76

fMessaging::show() now behaves differently than it did before.