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Multiple Databases Problem

posted by nevermind89x 7 years ago

Hi im trying to use ORM multiple databases, but i cant get it to work.

In my config.php file i have:

$db = new fDatabase('mysql', 'dbname', 'user', 'pass');

//new instance
$db2 = new fDatabase('mysql', 'dbname_2', 'user_2', 'pass_2');
fORMDatabase::attach($db2, 'newdb');
fORM::mapClassToDatabase('User', 'newdb');

I have my class (user.php):

class User extends fActiveRecord { 
	protected function configure() {}

then when I try to use:

$user = new User();

It throws this error: Uncaught exception 'fProgrammerException' with message 'The table specified, users, does not exist in the database

Any help would be useful


Ok i solved it, I was missing the mapClassToTable, thanks

posted by nevermind89x 7 years ago