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fCache works on one server, but not the other.

posted by chemdream 7 years ago


I have 2 servers that are exactly the same. (or so I think).

same php, same file structure etc. In fact, both server pull from the same git repos.

Anyways, On one server, everything works great. My session method creates a memcached object and uses it for the session.

On my other server, I get this error:

Could not find script /var/www/mysite/library/Memcached.php

Obviously I'm not trying to load "Memcached.php" ... It's trying to load that automatically when $memcached = new Memcached(); is run...

For some reason, it's not loading fCache...

Again, this works PERFECT on my other server, which should be exactly the same.

Anyone have any ideas what would be causing this?


There is both a memcache and a memcached extension for PHP. Is it possible the two different servers have different extensions installed?

posted by wbond 7 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to update this when I fixed the problem. I forgot to compile memcached on one of the servers :-/ .... admin fail.

posted by chemdream 7 years ago