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Postfix + DKIMProxy + fEmail

posted by mattsah 7 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone has messed around with Postfix and DKIMProxy while using fEmail. I've been running into issues where, in particular messages which are being added via fEmail have invalid body signatures. The temporary solution seems to be using the fixQmail() method. Although it is unclear as to why this is resolving the issue.

This is not necessarily a Flourish issue, but certainly is a notice of compatibility. Messages using the command line sendmail program -- manually typed out seem to have the appropriate signatures, but anything going through fEmail and thereby PHP's mail program does appear to fail.

At some point it obviously appears the line endings are being modified. Does anyone here know if Postfix suffers from similar line ending replacement faults as QMail (google doesn't seem to help)? Also, I have not looked at the source for Flourish, but my assumption is when formatting for quoted printables that it is using the RFC line endings which are
n (required for e-mails in wire transmission). I also know Postfix natively wants
n, so is it perhaps that the original message is signed with
n and then postfix is internally setting it to

Has anyone else seen this?