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A RESTful API for flourish

posted by timschmidt 8 years ago

Flourish already has many great features that make it a win when creating minimal RESTful web APIs. However, life could be even easier. The epiphany micro framework has a great API for creating RESTful web apps that seems to fit well within flourish's un-framework paradigm, but suffers from some rough edges. It'd be lovely to see flourish borrow what works, while building on it's already stellar foundation.

Example epiphany code for a minimal REST interface looks like this:

getRoute()->get('/', 'home');
getRoute()->get('/contact', 'contactUs');

function home() {
    echo 'You are at the home page';

function contactUs() {
    echo 'Send us an email at <a href="mailto:foo@bar.com">foo@bar.com</a>';
posted by theyouyou 8 years ago