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fRecordSet and bitwise operators ?

posted by aurelien 8 years ago


If i read the documentation correctly, bitwise operators are not supported in standard fRecordSet::build calls.

Am i right?

If yes, are there any plans to support them, should I help and send a patch, or should I go with a standard buildFromSql call ? In the last case, will this work with calling the oracle specific functions/operators in my query ?

Thank you for your help


I don't know if bitwise operations are used enough to really value adding it to fRecordSet.

fRecordSet::buildFromSql() should work fine in this case. You can use oracle-specific SQL in there, I just only document the cross-db SQL on the FlourishSql page.

posted by wbond 8 years ago

Ok understood.

I have a call to fRecordSet::build, with a where condition array from different part of the code, which i cant easily change to standard where condition.

Do you know a simple way to obtain the SQL where clause from an array of conditions (fRecordSet parameter) ?

Thanks !

posted by aurelien 8 years ago