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Download the attachments?

posted by seday 8 years ago

Is there a built-in way to download the attachments? I mean, i'm using th fMailbox class accessing my gmail account, so i'm wondering if there's a way to save the attached files in the server?


If you look at fMailbox#Fetching, you'll see there is an array key in the return value of fMailbox::fetchMessage() that contains an array of attachment information, including the raw file contents.

posted by wbond 8 years ago


My questions are, How to check only new mail?(because if I give all mails to listMessage() it wil take long time to load the page,so) and how to download the attachments?(attachment name is coming)what I need to give to download the attachments?,

Please help me.

Thanks, Aravind

posted by aravind26 7 years ago