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More Flourish demo site

posted by yada 9 years ago

I'm new to Flourish library. Really like the library so far and the documentation is great.

I find that I learn best by reading a codebase. Other than the Flourish demo site http://flourishlib.com/blog/FlourishDemoSite, is there any other open source application that uses Flourish library out there? Thanks

To my knowledge, there aren't any free applications available using Flourish, however there have been a few different frameworks built on top of Flourish. Some of these are more complete than others and some may not yet be in a usable state.

posted by wbond 9 years ago

I'm working on this also (doing some changes to the example demonstration site, including some documentation and making a kind of installer to select database on start up. In the end northshorewebgeeks application is being used as a common meetup site.

I thought about it to get into the learning stage of flourishlib. Considering that a release is on the way for this month, is there anything we can do to speed this a little bit?

posted by ilo 9 years ago

Other projects found on Github:

I personally use Petalon.

posted by theyouyou 8 years ago

I just want to clarify (although this topic is old it appears to still be getting views and responses), the BEST place to learn and/or understand inKWell is the Github site, not the site hosted on dotink.org

If you are using it and have any issues they can be posted in the Issues section on GitHub and the Wiki has fairly extensive documentation of the basic API and a good FAQ to get people rolling. Documentation on the http://inkwell.dotink.org site might be more out of date and/or incomplete.

posted by mattsah 8 years ago

Petalon rules! I talk with the author, now Petalon use the fLoader class so download the new version :)

posted by jmtucu 8 years ago