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Translation system

posted by masterix21 9 years ago


i'm developing multi-language software with flourish and i need to translate all library's error/exception message (for example: fValidation exception, etc).

How i can solve this problem? This is my first project with flourish but i'm excited by this library because it's really simple to use and it guarantee excellent results (i'm loving fORM!!!)!

Please help me. Thank you.

I just added some functionality to the MessagesList page so that you can download an array to use for translating Flourish messages. You can combine that with some example code on the fText page to do the translation.

posted by wbond 9 years ago

On a slight tangent:

I sometimes wish that there was a translation file that simply converted to a set of response codes, in a particular format. I'm a UX designer, so if fORM fails some validation, I rarely want it to echo "The value specified must be unique, however it already exists". I'd rather detect for a shorter code, such as "VALUE_EXISTS field", which I can check for, and then return my own personalized message. Sure, I can detect for the full string, but that might change in the future and just doesn't feel elegant.

(Ideally, this sort of thing would also need fValidationException to give a way to simply output an array of errors.)

posted by rirez 8 years ago

If you open a new discussion, I would love to get feedback from other users about what a good solution may be.

posted by wbond 8 years ago

By the way, if you feel so inclined, I'd love to get some of your translations to post them on the site for others to use. Feel free to email me at will@flourishlib.com or post a ticket with the translations as an attachment.

posted by wbond 9 years ago

ok. I'm preparing a translation to italian.

posted by masterix21 9 years ago

Hi Will,

Why it's offline http://docs.flourishlib.com/translations/en_to_it_855.phps?

posted by anonymous 9 years ago

There was a slight misconfiguration on the server, it is fixed now.

posted by wbond 9 years ago

Hello Will,

I'd like to translate Flourish Messages to french.
But how can I know if it's already done or not ?

Is there any GitHub section where we could find those translation files ?

posted by theyouyou 8 years ago

The MessagesList page includes all contributed translations, along with the template for creating new ones. Currently the script that generates these templates does not push them to a GitHub repository.

posted by wbond 8 years ago

Okay I'll send you the french translation in the next few weeks.

posted by theyouyou 8 years ago

If you need a spanish translation just tell me :)

posted by jmtucu 8 years ago

French translation : http://pastebin.com/Vc70H7An

posted by younes 7 years ago