Flourish PHP Unframework

Flourish Demo Site

If you've never worked with Flourish before, getting started building a site may seem a little daunting. Included below is the description and source code for a production site written with Flourish and SQLite.

The northshorewebgeeks.com site provides a simple list of upcoming and past meetups for the North Shore Web Geeks meetup. Rather than hand-editing the HTML and RSS feeds, Flourish was set up to provide a simple CMS to easily update the information.

Source Code

The source code for the demo can be found in the flourish-demo-site repository on Github. Github has a nice little code browser, so you can view the code without downloading or cloning.


The site is fairly simple, so I set up Apache with mod_rewrite to create some nice, clean URLs:

/                     # -> index.php  : Home/main page
/rss                  # -> index.php  : RSS feed
/manage               # -> manage.php : Lists all meetups
/manage/add           # -> manage.php : Allows adding a meetup
/manage/{date}/edit   # -> manage.php : Allows editing a meetup
/manage/{date}/delete # -> manage.php : Allows deleting a meetup
/log_in               # -> login.php  : Allows a user to log in
/log_out              # -> login.php  : Lets the user log out
/sup/*                # -> sup/*      : Static files including CSS and images

Anything other than those URLs will cause the page at views/404.php to be shown.

Directory Structure

The files on the filesystem are organized in the following structure:

/                     # The three php scripts that handle requests
/inc/                 # The bootstrap script init.php and config file
/inc/classes/         # The ORM classes
/inc/flourish/        # Flourish classes
/storage/db/          # The SQLite database the source .sql file
/storage/session/     # The PHP session files
/sup/css/             # The CSS files
/sup/img/             # The images
/views/               # The HTML templates for the site

Request Handling

As requests are received, they are routed the appropriate PHP page by mod_rewrite, however each of these pages first runs the bootstrapping code in inc/. Here is an example of the execution order:

config.php -> init.php -> manage.php

Live Instance

There used to be a live instance of the site running, but it has since been removed.


If you wish to run the demo site on your own server, youll need to download the source from github and recursively chmod the storage directory to 777. This allows the web server to write to the SQLite database and session directory.

chmod -R 777 /path/to/flourish_demo_site/storage

All files included with the demo site, except for graphics and CSS files, are licensed under the MIT license. Graphics and CSS files are only provided for demo purposes. Please see the license.txt file for more details.