Flourish PHP Unframework


Flourish has a set of unit and integration tests to help ensure bugs dont exist in the code base, helping developers focus on their code. These test are performed during development and before each release. Tests are performed on a wide variety of operating systems and different versions of PHP. The tests source is available via GitHub.

Recent Results

The complete set of tests results can be viewed at GitHub.


Testing Environments

The following is a list of the currently configured test environments.

Hostname OS PHP Version
vm-arch.wbond.net Arch 2012.09.07 PHP 5.4.7
vm-centos.wbond.net CentOS 5.3 PHP 5.1.6
vm-debian.wbond.net Debian 5.0 PHP 5.2.6
vm-fedora.wbond.net Fedora 12 PHP 5.3.2
vm-freebsd.wbond.net FreeBSD 7.2 PHP 5.2.12
vm-netbsd.wbond.net NetBSD 5.0.1 PHP 5.2.13
vm-openbsd.wbond.net OpenBSD 4.5 PHP 5.2.8
vm-opensolaris.wbond.net OpenSolaris 2009.06 PHP 5.2.9
vm-opensuse.wbond.net OpenSuSE 11.2 PHP 5.3.1
osx.wbond.net OS X 10.6 PHP 5.3.1
vm-server2008.wbond.net Windows Server 2008 PHP 5.3.3
vm-ubuntu.wbond.net Ubuntu 8.04 LTS PHP 5.2.4
vm-xp.wbond.net Windows XP PHP 5.2.11