Flourish PHP Unframework


Download: v

If you are new to Flourish, be sure to check out Getting Started and How Do I?.


If you are just interested in using Flourish as part of another project, it can be obtained from the flourish-classes repository on GitHub:

Git Repository: git://github.com/flourishlib/flourish-classes.git

Clone Command: git clone git://github.com/flourishlib/flourish-classes.git

GitHub Project: https://github.com/flourishlib/flourish-classes


Primary Flourish development happens in git using GitHub as a central hub. The main flourish repository contains submodules for the various parts of the Flourish infrastructure.

SVN, Mercurial, Others

Flourish used to be developed in an SVN repository and synced to a number of other version control systems. In early 2012 this system was migrated to GitHub to allow for easier collaboration.

GitHub offers ways to checkout git repositories via SVN and Mercurial. Unfortunately the Darcs and Bazaar systems are no longer supported.