Flourish PHP Unframework

Flourish provides a strong, base set of PHP classes that run pretty much anywhere, helping you focus on solving more interesting problems.

Extensive documentation and a sane API help you get stuff done, whether you are building a new app or maintaining a legacy website.

Why Use Flourish?

You will find Flourish useful if you need to write code that is any of the following:

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Below is an example of how to retrieve all active users from the database and print their name.

// Connect to our SQLite database
fORMDatabase::attach(new fDatabase('sqlite', '/path/to/database'));

// Create an object to represent rows in the database
class User extends fActiveRecord {
    // Return an iterable set of User objects
    public static function findActive() {
        return fRecordSet::build(
            'User',                            // Make User objects
            array('status=' => 'Active'),      // That are active
            array('date_registered' => 'desc') // Ordered by registration date

// Loop through and display the users' names
foreach (User::findActive() as $user) {
    echo $user->prepareFirstName() . ' ' . $user->prepareLastName() . '<br />';

This example shows how to upload an image, resize it, and make a thumbnail.

// Create an fUpload object to handle the file upload
$uploader = new fUpload();

// Require the user upload an image (with MIME type checking server-side)
	array('image/jpeg', 'image/gif', 'image/png'),
	'Please upload a .jpg, .png, or .gif image'

// Move the image and then resize to fit a 500x300 canvas
$image = $uploader->move('/path/to/images', 'image')
                  ->resize(500, 300)

// Create a 32x32 thumbnail of the image
$thumb = $image->duplicate('/path/to/thumbs')





And More

Check out the documentation for a list of all of the Flourish classes.